Monday, November 10, 2008

A Codyesque Challenge?

I've been considering doing some smaller work. Maybe practice my subtlety in a smaller scale. So what about 30 paintings in 30 days? I buy some small (1' x 1') or less canvases and try a more studio approach. Actually churn it out. Because right now my method is occasionally crawl craigslist and when I find a show or something that interests me, I stay up all night a few nights and crank out one piece, maybe two. This means I only complete about 5-10 paintings a year. I think scale scares off 90% of people, but it also creates a sense of awe when a painting dwarfs the viewer. Also, it has the 'if you can't make it good, make it big' factor, which adds a layer of fetishization to the piece, which for me, fetish is the heart of pop. So, whaddya think?


#1 STUNNA said...

I'm with it.

You could even sell them daily on Craigslist for a set price or something. Or maybe have 30 people submit an "interesting picture" to inspire you to draw their piece. There is a website that will drawn anything for $2 (

MyWindow said...

i think it will be interesting and creative. It's hard to be original 30 times in a row.