Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pancho Villa Show

So, I already know I'm going to have to scrub them all down afterwords. But, I got one piece of complementary email to date, so yeah. Good exposure and people are actually looking. Also, when I went back to hang up my cards, I had a burrito. I really love burritos.

Crucifixion Photo Op

Holy Crap, did josh finish a sculpture? Kinda. I was sick as a really sick dog and wanted to hang out with Geoff, so he was nice and did appx 90% of the work. All I need is 99 more people who will work for me for free and I will reach my goal. I bought him dinner, for what its worth. Don't judge me, he liked helping. Viewable for several more days through the window of Sub-Mission Arts on mission and 18th. I showed up the friday night after opening and it was locked up at 9pm.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did you miss me?

So I've been wholly absent from art for a few months now, mostly working and being lazy. The art news is a show coming up at Pancho Villa, for which I'm making all new paintings! Here are two, the color balance doesn't show up well, no gradient, but you'll get it. right?

I've taken a new direction on painting, well, maybe not new, but more extreme than before. I feel like art as a practice should fulfill the following traits (and this list will grow as I get more crotchety)

1. Look Good
2. Enjoy Making it (not every moment, but overall)
3. Enjoy living with it (most likely you will see it more than anyone else.)
4. Special enough for you to love, broad enough that others can be touched as well. Like Clifford Still, when I see his paintings, I feel nothing and I've never met someone else who has. Be it nostalgia, lust, fear, sadness, etc. Its art and its about life, show something!
5. Nothing wrong with subtlety
6. Nothing wrong with happy colors

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 28 - Squares

So I'm going to comment on all four tined paintings at once. I say this once in a really well done few pieces someone did a few years back. I liked their material uses ideas, but not their technique, the guy did dome harshly and poorly cut out stencils for background material, so on ones that needed finesse there was none, some a few were great and some were bad. So I decided to try and figure out some ground rules for tinting and here it is.
1. Background should be darker than 40% but lighter than 75%
2. Grey is easiest to get a clear message through, but other colors DO come through well
3. Yellow tint works best.
4. Don't use any paint that has any white in it, it cannot get thinned out without clouding.
5. Background must be high contrast, period.
6. The closer to flourescent or high-intensity, the better the based paint for the tint works.
7. Small pieces make it hard to create the different areas of interest, so next time, bigger.

Day 27 - Rectangly

Day 26 - Stripey Paper

Day 25- Molly w/ Tint

Day 24 - Blue Girl

Did a second one, made the backgorund a unique clor and changed the feel by using almost exclusively cool colors. I really enjoy this piece, especially because it is a Lichtenstein with not dots!

Day 23 - Marilyn Simmons

Thrilled with this. Notice the Gene Simmons eyes are centered and Marilyn is off center. Lips individually painted, but rest of her head isn't,well, I thought it would look better and kinda make them look like they're being shared with Gene too--and it looks pretty awesome honestly.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 22

This one is bigger and more subtle than it looks. Based on Lichtenstein, but not dots, alas, but wallpaper. Tired. Look closer, the yellow is two tone.