Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I made my pitch to an answering machine

I kinda figured they'd either like or hate the idea off the bat and therefore either call back or not, so the ball is rolling. Also, we've decided to toughen it up a bit and load it with more pop references, including 'billy's balloon' and bombs.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

99 red balloon update-

I'm going to pitching this one to Zeitgeist either tomorrow or tuesday. Molly and I stopped by for a few drinks and got the office number today. I think painting this on the hostel would be amazing!

New Painting

Finished a new painting this weekend. Nice and simple, but trying to avoid the standard gesso white backgroud. I used a yellowy ochre paint for the background that is about 80% opaque, leaving the texture a bit up to randomness. The effect looks basic from a distance and gets a bit trippier up front--it breaks down into ellipses and hourglasses. Potentially showing at a gallery next week, so this will find a new home soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank You, Everyone!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for helping make this project such a success! Ian (spiderman), TQ, DQ, Molly, Ben, Jeff, Geoff, Tom, Lizzie, Tyler, Christina, Tomasz, Eris, Trisha, Random Guy, Cody and anyone I may have missed, you all rocked this thing.

This has kinda got me thinking about making this an ongoing project. What would you guys think about doing this once every month or so? I'll book the wall and we swarm upon it and do something awesome. How many times do you walk/drive/ride by some mural in this city and think to yourself that the true geek value of this city just isn't on display. I know there is no official geek district of this city, but I really think this whole city is pretty much official geek territory. I think we're onto something here and we can should bring geek to the street. And for my first idea that's good for any type of wall. This would be a stencil based project, guaranteed to bring out your inner-banksy.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Someone called me noble...

thank you to jeff for this one:http://reddit.com/info/6jnzu/comments/

Change of Location

Alright, so I met with the owner of the building and as he walked me
to the building, my first question is, "wait, what, you told me this
was the other building." "No, no, no, that's not even my building.
I'm sorry, did i not make that clear" (Mind you, I spoke with him for
a while on the phone and he said it was the building on the corner, I
talked to him about all the fennel growing there, and he didn't say

This is the point (in my head) at which i smacked myself in the face,
then I haggled with him for over an hour as he tried to weasel tons of
more free labor out of me.

The result, we now have a building half a block away that is way
easier to paint, but is not as cool as the wall he told me we had.
The building is 3.5 stories and one pine between grant and kearny (the
micro street is quincy) on the picture attached. It is in a short
alley and you'll be able to drive up and maybe leave cars there at
least temporarily. I'm sorry about the change, but this is what we
got handed and I still think this will be awesome. I hope to see all
of you there and please don't beat me down. BTW I'm still sure this
will be the world's largest lolcat.

A special thank you to tomasz for hustling for rope and flamingcow for
extra climbing equipment.

The Actual Building (its ok to sigh when looking at the windows)

The Little Cross street On pine, between grant and kearny is Quincy

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ben from icanhascheezburger is coming!

Invited Ben from Icanhascheezburger.com

Thank you Alex Choi for letting me know he was in town and even greater thanks for probably being the first person to link to my site!

Link to Ben's Cheezburger Hazzing on Cautrday

Email sent about Halping Out with Mural

Current Mock Up^

Source Of Inspiration^

Location in SF^

Through the beauty that is Craigslist, I have hooked up with a
building owner who wants a mural on the side of his ugly ass building
ASAP and for some reason he doesn't seem to care what it is (we think
he is being fined for it being an eyesore). So, after some
brainstorming, we decided to paint a lolcat, and after hours of
nomming, hoomans, and kookie jokes, we decided the least offensive and
most baffling image we could pick is the invisible bike. So, we're
expecting to make it between 3 and 4 stories tall, with most of the
text being toward the bottom, so lots of people can help! I will be
getting the at about 8am to setup and expect to be prepped by 9:30 and
painting by 10-10:30. Attached, find picture of the original
invisible bike, the picture of our location, and a basic mock up of
what we will be painting. I'm not getting paid and don't have any
equipment, so anything you can offer up will be appreciated. I will
be setting up a grid on the building and handing out the squares
you'll need to paint in, like that project you did in 2nd grade.
Since the image is so huge, precision isn't that crucial. We'll be
working entirely in spray paint, so bring clothes you don't care
about. The lot is basically abandoned, so bring shoes because there's
crap strewn everywhere and chairs to sit on when you bask. So far
I've got about 10 people coming, but the more the merrier and
hopefully we'll knock this out quickly and get to laughing this up.
Bring cameras and friends. I am meeting up with the owner tomorrow to
confirm that he is who he says he is and I verified on county records
that he wons the property, so no worries there.

Where: Corner of Pine and Kearny

When: Saturday 8:30am if you're bringing equipment, 9:30 or later if
you just want to paint

What we still need: Very tall ladders (20+ feet), Rope for securing
the ladders and repelling if need be, drinks (alcohol at your own
risk, but it is fenced off), and donations for paint =)

What we expect: We will be submitting this to all the favorite sites:
icanhazcheezburger, lolcats, fark, laughing squid, and others.

Why?: This is central financial district! People will be absolutely
stumped and might even like it.

progress being tracked: http://jazlink.blogspot.com
gallery: http://www.jazlink.com/lolcat
my craigsilist ad loking for help:


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Current Mockup + Location Pic

So basically a three level approach, first white, then orange, then black. We're going for max height and the widest part should be accessible by the people below.

Upcoming Project

I answered an ad for a mural to be painted by a guy who wouldn't offer up an money, but also didn't care about the subject matter. So after a bit of brainstorming we opted for something completely banal and ridiculous that a lot of people would get the reference, but not entirely understand why someone would ever consider it. So we decided on the 'Invisible Bike' lolcat and I am excited. I'm still working on recruiting people and equipment. I'm asuming $120 out of pocket on paint, but rope, ladders, and man-power to be entirely donated.