Friday, May 16, 2008

Change of Location

Alright, so I met with the owner of the building and as he walked me
to the building, my first question is, "wait, what, you told me this
was the other building." "No, no, no, that's not even my building.
I'm sorry, did i not make that clear" (Mind you, I spoke with him for
a while on the phone and he said it was the building on the corner, I
talked to him about all the fennel growing there, and he didn't say

This is the point (in my head) at which i smacked myself in the face,
then I haggled with him for over an hour as he tried to weasel tons of
more free labor out of me.

The result, we now have a building half a block away that is way
easier to paint, but is not as cool as the wall he told me we had.
The building is 3.5 stories and one pine between grant and kearny (the
micro street is quincy) on the picture attached. It is in a short
alley and you'll be able to drive up and maybe leave cars there at
least temporarily. I'm sorry about the change, but this is what we
got handed and I still think this will be awesome. I hope to see all
of you there and please don't beat me down. BTW I'm still sure this
will be the world's largest lolcat.

A special thank you to tomasz for hustling for rope and flamingcow for
extra climbing equipment.

The Actual Building (its ok to sigh when looking at the windows)

The Little Cross street On pine, between grant and kearny is Quincy

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