Saturday, May 17, 2008



troymccluresf said...

I have one up. Probably the rest on Monday, if not tomorrow.

Ted Rheingold said...

It's super dope. Here's a pix I snapped.

I'm the Dogster/Catster guy with the O HAI plates >^..^<

Janet said...

O hai Jeff!! So this wuz yur Idea? An hao did teh Cheezburgerz know yoo were going to do this?? Which iz amazing!!

Ai ar JanetCanHas4Kittehs, a comminter awn ICHC.

But we comminters awl want to know - hoo ARE yoo. Wai do we nawt know yoo??? Ar yoo a lurker? Or sumwun we know under a diffrent nayme? Oar waht?

Wud yoo pleez com over to teh site an introdooz yurself??? There ar mennee hoo wud laik to meet yoo! AI am certainlee amongst them. An yoo cud tell uz hao yoo came to think ov the troolee LOLabul projekt.

Hoep to see yoo soon - ober there!! In mai second hoam - ICHC!!

Janet said...

O Josh - ai ar sorree! It wuz teh "jeff" in teh - neer where au wuz traing to find aut hao to commint taht had mee confoozled!!

So - correkshun!!

O hai JOSH! ;) an teh continue as befoar!1

K T Cat said...


The Furry Beast! said...

It is sooooooo wonderfully S. F., & such a great tribute both to the orange & white feline in the photo who inspired the mural, & to... Yes! The Ceiling Cat! Now I understand the deep sublimity in Genesis 1:2 at
Love, Mark B (