Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 2

I like this one. Two colors plus a background-the grey is really our friend blue. My first time mixing halftone with flat. So, that's one effect. Next is the dots, next is the rings, so that's three total yet it is a very simple piece. Tiny brush again and the detail shows up. Very 80's looking, which is fun because this is a relatively recent can, bringing back the thoughts of the old very unpolished design of the previous can. Then it's also funny in the sense that it is a clearly Warhol reference, with the classic-ness of the Coke logos, however diet Coke wasn't introduced until the early eighties by time Warhol was working less obviously wholesome stuff, mostly portraiture and things of the like. By time diet Coke reached it's apex of being so pervasive in everyday life, Warhol was dead--but if you think about he's not completely dead.

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