Thursday, May 15, 2008

Email sent about Halping Out with Mural

Current Mock Up^

Source Of Inspiration^

Location in SF^

Through the beauty that is Craigslist, I have hooked up with a
building owner who wants a mural on the side of his ugly ass building
ASAP and for some reason he doesn't seem to care what it is (we think
he is being fined for it being an eyesore). So, after some
brainstorming, we decided to paint a lolcat, and after hours of
nomming, hoomans, and kookie jokes, we decided the least offensive and
most baffling image we could pick is the invisible bike. So, we're
expecting to make it between 3 and 4 stories tall, with most of the
text being toward the bottom, so lots of people can help! I will be
getting the at about 8am to setup and expect to be prepped by 9:30 and
painting by 10-10:30. Attached, find picture of the original
invisible bike, the picture of our location, and a basic mock up of
what we will be painting. I'm not getting paid and don't have any
equipment, so anything you can offer up will be appreciated. I will
be setting up a grid on the building and handing out the squares
you'll need to paint in, like that project you did in 2nd grade.
Since the image is so huge, precision isn't that crucial. We'll be
working entirely in spray paint, so bring clothes you don't care
about. The lot is basically abandoned, so bring shoes because there's
crap strewn everywhere and chairs to sit on when you bask. So far
I've got about 10 people coming, but the more the merrier and
hopefully we'll knock this out quickly and get to laughing this up.
Bring cameras and friends. I am meeting up with the owner tomorrow to
confirm that he is who he says he is and I verified on county records
that he wons the property, so no worries there.

Where: Corner of Pine and Kearny

When: Saturday 8:30am if you're bringing equipment, 9:30 or later if
you just want to paint

What we still need: Very tall ladders (20+ feet), Rope for securing
the ladders and repelling if need be, drinks (alcohol at your own
risk, but it is fenced off), and donations for paint =)

What we expect: We will be submitting this to all the favorite sites:
icanhazcheezburger, lolcats, fark, laughing squid, and others.

Why?: This is central financial district! People will be absolutely
stumped and might even like it.

progress being tracked:
my craigsilist ad loking for help: